Quality Policy

Persang Alloy Industries Pvt. Ltd., India is committed to being the preferred global supplier for development, manufacturing & supply of Solders, Fluxes, Pastes, Lead Free Solders and other allied products for Automotive, Electronics and related Industries. To achieve our strategic vision we must meet and exceed customer requirements and deliver the value for their money. We will fulfill need and expectation of all interested parties. We will realize this goal by establishing and maintaining excellent Quality, Delivery, Service, Environment, Health and Safety Standards. Enhance QEHS awareness within organization and all interested parties through effective communication.

Quality Commitment

To be a recognized leader in solder industry. Continually working to improve the quality management system. Constantly offering excellent service to all valued customers.  Supplying high-value products.

Quality Management System

We will comply all applicable legal and other requirements. Eliminate, minimize / control quality, environment, and occupational health safety risk by using of appropriate technology and QEHS management practices at all level .We will continually improve Quality, environment, and occupational health safety Management Systems through employee involvement at all level, which will be: