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A World Leader in Solder Solutions

Meet the leaders:

Persang Alloy Industries Pvt. Ltd. (PAI) is one of India’s largest manufacturers / exporter of solders, soldering chemicals and alloys. Based in Vadodara, PAI is an ISO 9001: 2000 certified company by TUV Rheinland. PAI manufactures a wide variety of solders, lead free alloys and fluxes in various forms which perform critical tasks in the electronic, electrical and automobile industries.

Established in 1973 Shenmao Technology Inc. is a giant in the world of solders. Setting standards of excellence in innovation and enterprise, Shenmao Technology Inc, is providing the finest quality solders for Taiwanese and world electronics industry.

After leaving its mark worldwide, Shenmao Inc. joins hands with Persang Alloy Industries Pvt. Ltd. to bring the finest in Lead Free Alloys and Solder Paste.

Specialist Technology

Technology possibilities are infinite. Nowadays, growing environmental concern around the world has brought to electronic industries’ attentions to apply safe soldering material on their products.

For almost 30 years, SHENMAO and Persang Alloy Industries Pvt. Ltd. have been playing a certain key role for the industry. It is our commitment to bring a good quality of solder to you, we insist to be at the leading edge on this field.

At the forefront:

Persang Alloy Industries Pvt. Ltd. is the first solder manufacturer in South Asia to get the UL-ROHS compliance. Our environment friendly lead free solders are a strong reminder of our policy - we care for your tomorrow.



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